Mas village (Woodcarving)

For many years, wood carving has always been an integral part of the Balinese culture. That’s because apart from it being a clear manifestation of the region’s strong decorative traditions, Balinese forests are also considered sacred, and that’s why the locals usually perform rituals before cutting down a tree. A fun fact about woodcarving in Bali is that it takes two different forms; carving ritual objects like masks and effigies OR carving ornaments to be used as architectural elements. Wood carving is mostly carried out in the beautiful Mas Village among many other villages in the Gianyar Regency. Here you’ll be able to see and learn a few impressive facts about how wood crafts are made, the best trees for wood crafting and so on. This is the best way to interact, understand and appreciate the beauty of Bali’s crafting culture during your Ubud tour.