Tegenungan Waterfall

Without a doubt, watching water wind down a river into a waterfall is usually a breathtaking sight. Luckily, our Ubud tour itinerary includes visiting Bali’s only and the region’s most beautiful waterfall – the Tegenungan Waterfall in Tegenungan village. It’s truly a spectacular sight to see as crystal clear water falls from high above. The fun part is that the air around the waterfall is fresh and the water is so clean that you can bath or just play in it. Tourists get the chance to admire the waterfall from all angles. This means that you can see it from the top or you can go down the cliff to see it from the base of the fall; the trip up and down the fall is not really exhausting. You can also wine and dine as you prise the waterfall from the elegant food shops around the Tegenungan waterfall.